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Reigniting My Art Progress

For anyone reading this, this blog had been stagnating for quite some time now. Partly because I saw how obscure this platform is, as compared to the more popular social media giants other artists are using, like Instagram, Facebook, ArtStation.

It took me two years to see that my art progress is what causing the stagnation all this time with my inconsistency in content and basically taking unannounced hiatus. Although it is unprofessional of me to do that, I figured that my miniscule follower base wouldn't even notice it. It was both disheartening and comforting simultaneously.

On one hand, I felt my art was not worthy of anyone seeing. On the other hand, with no one seeing, I did not feel pressured taking the breaks I needed from a work that didn't pay at all. And yes, there is a full-time day job I have been juggling as well.

I want to make a sustainable living off my art skills.

Therefore, this blog will be revitalized to track my progress in improving my art skills.

I hope my journey in becoming an comic artist in Singapore will help you in some way.

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